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Captivating, humorous, life's lessons, with a strong cultural setting. Living on a farm with eighteen people can be unbearable. Sofay White a main character is considered an adult though she's just a tender age of nine.  Her fifteen aunts and uncles are comfortable with their surroundings and upbringing that they've forgotten that she's a child. Sofay maturely takes us on a ride of unethical habits and lifestyles by her family that consist of everything from self knowledge to quirky hiliarious scenes. She's an inquisitive child who loves drama and excitement  and has on many ocassions stumbled upon either an aunt or an uncle who's in the midst of performing life's acts in witch craft, crime, infidelities, betrayal, and same sex. Funny though, she's always at the wrong place at the right time. I didn't see this coming from my family is conveyed in a modern day setting with a touch of old fashion discipline being told from the eyes of Sofay. 

EXCERPT: Sheila started to put the groceries away and didn't wash her hands to prepare dinner for us. I was starving and couldn't wait to eat some of this New York food. Do you know this heifer; opened cans of ravioli's for dinner, she fried butter bread on the stove, opened a can of corn, and made a pitcher of red kool-aide. I looked down at that paper plate and said 'what the fuck is this? Grammy screamed Sofay White!

EXCERPT: In any event, I asked where we sleeping at. Auntie Becca said 'hummm somebody show is grown'. M grandmother Grammy said 'yes I know she can be out of control sometimes by not staying in a child's place but I'm working on her'. Becca said 'oh I see she ain't average she got sass about her'. Better you then me honey cause I'll been of broke her neck. Grammy said 'see Auntie you never had patience Momma always told you to loosen up with her rules and how you ran your house'.

EXCERPT: Meanwhile, my grandmother asked cousin Tommy was he comfortable living there. He said 'fo sho cuzzo why you ask'? Grammy rattled on about her dislikes and felt neither one of them needed to remain there. Tommie said 'cuzzo it never occurred to me she was unhappy. Im'ma start paying more attention to grandma'. I mean after all, she's getting up there in age. Auntie Becca heard the end part of the conversation and said to Tommie 'who the hell you calling old you bastard'! It was funny but she continued on saying 'Ernestine I done told you I ain't going no where now that's the end of that'. She then said "Sheila get your musky ass out my kitchen up here cooking ravioli and shit last night reach down there and get me those cooking pots'.

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